Manage your checklists using our easy to use and customizable app.
– Checklists organized in groups;
– Checklists organized by color;
– Items organized in groups;
– Items organized by color;
– Items can be nested, with no limit for the number of levels;
– Multiple ways of sorting and displaying lists and items;
– Online back-up and synchronization across devices;
– Screen always on option, so the phone does not go in stand by while you are going through the checklist items;
– Accidental swipe or deleting items by mistake is really hard.
We are planning new and exciting features such as:
– Importing and exporting functions;
– Checking the items in order by tapping a single button;
– Text to speech for reading the checklist items;
– Sending checklists to other users;
– Other features as requested by our users.
How to use:
– Add a group first. The group will contain the first list or item. You can edit it and add more;
– To edit a list or item, long tap it to open a menu;
– To delete a list or an item, long tap it;
– Deleting a group will delete all the items;
– Deleting the last item of a group will delete the group.